What is?

Housing Stabilization Services

Housing Stabilization Services (HSS) is a new Home and Community based Service (HCBS) that supports people with disabilities in finding housing; setting a basic living budget; creating natural community supports by connecting with landlords and neighbors; and assisting people with understanding the rules and responsibilities of a lease.


Support an individual’s transition into housing Increase long-term stability in housing in the community Avoid future periods of homelessness or institutionalization We offer both Housing Transition and Housing Sustaining. Transition services are provided to – those that need help plan for, find, and move into housing. Sustaining services are provided to those that need help maintain living in their current housing

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- 18 years of age
- Receiving Medical Assistance
- A disability or a disabling condition
- Housing instability

Admission into Housing Transition HSS program is subject to State of MN Department of Human Services (DHS) Eligibility Verification Review.

Documentation & Eligibility

- Professional statement of need, OR Medical opinion form, OR Proof of recipient of SSI or SSDI

- MN Choices Assessment, OR Long term Care Coordination Plan, OR Coordinated Entry Assessment

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